Man Found Hanged From Tree In Durham Has Community Outraged

A Black man in Durham, North Carolina was found hanging from a tree this week.

According to online reports, 26-year-old Gairy Kimber was found hanging from a tree near Highway 98 in Durham.

Members of the community believe foul play was involved.

Tiara Taylor told The North Carolina Beat that when Kimber was found, his hands were tied behind his back but friends close to the family say he committed ‘suicide’.

If he did commit “suicide”, how do you hang yourself with your hands tied behind your back?

Officials haven’t released any statements of Kimber’s death or that the hanging was racially motivated. (Normally, when someone has committed suicide, the (mainstream media) will not report on it.)

One person named Destiny Nared, who claims to be one of Kimber’s friends, said that he was “battling a lot lately and is finally at peace.”

Ashley King, who made the original post about Kimber’s death said in another Facebook post that:

It is NOT easy to have an understanding when such tragic events take place where we grew up. Where we are raising our children. Suicide is NOT a joe or to be taken lightly! I shared my view on the young man who was found hung NOT because I feel he was lynched by whites but because our community is owed some sort of acknowledgment from law enforcement to let us know they have matters under control and it is not being disregarded as we find many other incidents. Are we to turn our head at a body found hung? In public? And we have nothing to say? Or feel? At this point, is this what our community has come to?

Miss King is right about what she said, but will the police really tell the truth about a Black man being lynched if it was racially motivated?

I have concerns about this because his “friends” say he committed suicide, but according to others, his hands were tied behind his back…so, did someone help him kill himself?

Credit: Expired Juice on Twitter. She says that her sister sent her these messages about Gairy Kimber’s death possibly being a lynching.

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