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21 Savage’s Spotify Streams In The UK Have Increased 127 Percent In 24 Hours Following His Arrest

Ever since the news broke that 21 Savage was arrested by ICE and referred to as an “unlawfully present United Kingdom national,” 21 has been the subject of great interest. That’s partially because new details about his situation come out every day, and partially because people just want to know more about him. It seems that Spotify listeners in the UK are curious about 21 Savage, and are perhaps even embracing him as one of their own now: In the 24 hours following his arrest, the rapper’s Spotify streams in the UK increased by a whopping 127 percent.

This data was collected and presented by Reddit user DLC204 in the r/dataisbeautiful subreddit, and it accounts for the UK play count for 21 Savage songs in Spotify’s top 200: “A Lot,” “Monster,” and “Bank Account.” Across the pond, Savage’s daily Spotify plays were an average of about 72,000 per day during the week leading up to his arrest, and the day after his arrest, they were up to over 191,000. Savage also saw a rise in plays globally, although it wasn’t as drastic as in just the UK: His worldwide plays increased by 23 percent in the day after his arrest.

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