Ghana Stands Up to American Bullying in Deportation Stand-Off

America’s attempt to force Ghana into accepting deportees without due process has been exposed by the recent statement from the Ghanaian government. The U.S.A has also been accused of cuffing deportees to seats and putting them in belly chains.

Belly Chains and Shackles

Ghana has rejected bullying America’s attempt to send 7,000 deportees to the African country without due process. American officials simply informed the Ghanaian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration that about 7000 Ghanaians were at different stages of deportation proceedings.

Without confirmation of final court orders for deportation, the U.S. has tried to remove these “Ghanaians”. With the breaches of due process, there is a real risk some of the 7,000 are not even Ghanaians in the first place.

According to a statement by the Ghanaian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration released on the 1st of February, “In the past where there have been deportations of Ghanaian citizens, Ghana has had a cause to complain about the manner in which our compatriots have been transported back home in belly chains and physically cuffed to their seats on the aircrafts.”

This is a scandalous revelation that damns America which prides itself in being the champion of human rights. Are these the human rights America champions? Whatever the case might be, Ghana has refused to play ball and let America have its cake and eat it. 

Ghana has made a compelling case for protecting its citizens. The Foreign Affairs ministry has said, “Ghana as a sovereign country has the duty to and will continue to protect its nationals all over the world, including that the appropriate processes would be undertaken in all issues relating to its citizens who are cited for deportation from other countries.” America would have done the same had it been in Ghana’s shoes and these domineering tactics of using sanctions to coerce a smaller country into submission reek of colonial, supremacist politics. 

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