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Photo Of Minnesota Students Wearing KKK Hoods And Blackface Prompts Investigation

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Photo Of Minnesota Students Wearing KKK Hoods And Blackface Prompts Investigation


The public school district of Rochester, Minnesota ., is investigating a photo that may have originated on Snapchat that appears to depict two students in KKK hoods and a third student in blackface. The students seem to be performing the Nazi salute.

According to MPR News, parents of children in the school district shared the image on Facebook.

Rochester Public Schools says it is “aware of and investigating” a racially-charged image circulating on social media allegedly involving students from John Marshall High School. https://www.medcitybeat.com/news-blog/2018/john-marshall-students-kkk-display-prompt-condemnation 

The report goes on to say that one of the alleged students has since been fired from their job at a grocery store and that a person or persons in the photo will no longer be proceeding with the process to join the U.S. Army as their behavior is “inconsistent with Army values.”

“The Army does not tolerate inappropriate behavior by anyone within our ranks, to include recruits who have signed a contract to join in the future,” said Marlene Bland with the 3rd Recruiting Brigade. “It is important for everyone on our team to live and demonstrate the Army values every day.”

Rochester Public Schools released the following statement: “It is important for our community to know that RPS strives to create a welcoming environment for students of all backgrounds and is committed to providing a learning environment that is free from discrimination. The social media post is not a reflection of what our district students and staff believe and feels. We will use this as an opportunity to talk, educate, and grow as a community as we work to become even stronger and more inclusive to all students.”


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