Lenny Kravitz has revealed that he was often turned away by record companies during the early part of his career because his music “wasn’t black enough”.

The musician approached a number of record companies with his unique brand of arena rock, but he claims they weren’t interested.

He told Variety magazine: ”I just knew that I was singing and performing my truth. This was a time right after everybody in the music industry was telling me that I couldn’t do this sort of thing. I would take my music around to the labels, and I would get the whole ‘It’s not black enough’ [response].

”So people were not into the music that I was making or didn’t know how to sell it or how to market it. I was offered deals if I would simply change my music. I never took the deal. I wanted to do my thing.”

Kravitz revealed that things got so bad that he had to resort to living in his car.

He added: “By the time I made it, that side never affected me. It was always about being humble and being grateful. I never said I wanted to be a star. I always said I wanted to be a musician. It was always based on art, not how many records I would sell or how big the arenas were going to be.”

Meanwhile, Kravitz’s daughter Zoe is set to star in a reboot of High Fidelity. The 10-episode series will reimagine the story of navel-gazing music store owner Rob Gordon from a female perspective.