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Chance The Rapper Gives $1 Million Towards Supporting Chicago’s Mental Health Services

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Chance The Rapper Gives $1 Million Towards Supporting Chicago’s Mental Health Services


A report by the Associated Press has revealed that Chance The Rapper has announced that he’s giving out $1 million towards improving mental health care in Chicago.

rapper and philanthropist made the announcement last Thursday in an event held by his nonprofit organization SocialWorks, pointing out that those involved in the process are keen on changing “the way that mental health resources are being accessed.”

Details of the donation indicate that six mental health service providers in Cook County will each be awarded $100,000 and that SocialWorks is establishing a project called “My State of Mind” to link up people with mental challenges with treatment opportunities. Also gracing the event in which Chance The Rapper made the announcement were Illinois Department of Human Services and Chicago Department of Public Health.

On the same day, Chance The Rapper also made an announcement that he’d give funds to 20 additional Chicago Public Schools. SocialWorks has donated millions of dollars to several Chicago school over the past few years.

“With the help of SocialWorks, we want to change the way that mental health resources are being accessed by you,” he told those who attended the second annual event.

At just 25 years, Chance The Rapper is clear on his mind on the direction he’d like the Chicago education system to take and he’d made it clear that he’d be expanding his engagement with the Chicago public schools. He has remained consistent in his pursuits to better Chicago’s education system. Last year, the rapper promised that he’d pump in more than $2 millions towards uplifting education standards, doing so with the help of other American companies, including Google.

SocialWorks has also organized a total of 33 OpenMike evens in Chicago since it initiation, events that give students a platform to share and build their creative ideas. The rapper has always done his best to bring in big names from the entertainment industry, with some of the past guest being Kanye West and Childish Gambino.

In a tweet following the announcement, 1 AM Creative wrote, “Shoutout to @chancetherapper! He just announced The New Chance Arts & Literature Fund (alongside a few companies) will be contributing $100k to 20 more schools in Chicago.”

The work that Chance The Rapper has been doing has been praised by many people. It’s the kind of things that he targets that has seen big companies like Google come in to support.



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