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British Man Racked Up £36,000 In Speeding Fines And Now Can’t Leave Dubai

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British Man Racked Up £36,000 In Speeding Fines And Now Can’t Leave Dubai


A British man has had his passport confiscated after he racked up £36,000 in speeding tickets in a rented Lamborghini.

Farah Hashi, 25, is stuck in Dubai after hitting speeds of 150mph in the hired £160,000 supercar. He received 33 fines in less than four hours and the car rental firm is now holding his passport.

They are refusing to give it back until he pays the fine in full because, under Dubai law, the owner of the car is responsible for the fines, not the driver. Farah Hashi, 25, seen driving another car.

His brother Adman, 50, said Farah is now stranded in the Middle East because he cannot afford to pay the ‘ridiculous’ fine and has no way of getting his passport back. Adman said: ‘It is so corrupt. I don’t know how they can legally withhold his passport.




‘They came to his hotel and demanded he hands it over after the speeding ticket came through, and out of fear he gave it to them. ‘There is no way he has that money. He is out of work at the minute and went to Dubai to visit friends. ‘He was supposed to be there for five days and fly back last week but now he is stuck in his hotel room, he’s had to extend his stay and we have no idea how he will get home.’

Farah racked up the fines in less than four hours last Tuesday after setting off every speed camera on the Sheikh Zayed Road. He was caught 33 times in total and reached speeds of up to 150 miles per hour.

All of the speeding offences took place between 2.30am and 6 am on July 31 when the road was nearly deserted. Twelve of the fines were imposed for exceeding 124mph and were seconds apart.

Going over Dubai’s 50mph limit is an automatic 3,000 dirham fine, which works out to roughly £600. The car is parked outside the five-star hotel in Jumeirah Beach where Farah is staying. Bosses at the dealership that owns the Lamborghini Huracán claim Farah, of Pill, Newport, left his passport as a guarantee.



However brother Adman says the passport was seized after the offences had taken place. A Lamborghini, similar to the one Hashi was driving (Picture: Getty) Elevated view along Sheikh Zayed Road, where Hashi was driving  He added: ‘He didn’t even pay to hire the car. One of his friends had sorted it out for him. ‘He was caught doing 200kmph but he didn’t know the laws over there.

‘We just want to make sure he can get home ok.’   Dealership partner Faris Mohammed Iqbal said: ‘We can’t pay this amount should the car be taken into impound. It’s still with the tourist, parked at his hotel and I won’t be trying to take it back. ‘Then who pays the money for the impound? We shouldn’t for sure, it’s his fault and he should pay the amount.’




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