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Nicki Minaj And safaree Twitter Beef

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Nicki Minaj And safaree Twitter Beef


There is a fire dumpster of drama going on right now, so let’s just get right into it before something else happens.

You may be aware that recently Nicki Minaj released her fourth studio album, Queen. Releasing an album means doing promotion, so Nicki dropped in to Hot 97 radio station and yikes, the tea was served piping hot.

The conversation soon reached the topic of Nicki’s ex-boyfriend, Safaree, who in the past has said that he helped write some of Nicki’s raps when they were together, something Nicki has always denied.

Although Safaree seems to have retracted his claims, Nicki once again defended herself, calling out Sarafee for having someone else write his raps.

Nicki then alleged that Safaree had been stealing her credit cards when they were together and paying for sex-workers.

You got caught shitting on a person who was taking care of you while you were paying for prostitutes and stealing their credit cards.

There was a big reaction to the interview online, especially from Safaree himself, who clapped back, insinuating that Nicki must still have feelings for him.

He went on to defend himself against the claim that he stole Nicki’s credit card.

And the rant wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. Safaree continued to say that they were both to blame for the breakdown of their relationship, even appearing to claim that Nicki had cheated on him with her now ex-boyfriend, Meek Mill.

After saying that the relationship was toxic, Safaree then claimed that Nicki had cut him, and that the injuries were so bad the police and ambulance had to be called.

He ended this initial rant (because oh yes, there’s a whole lot more drama to come) by saying that he doesn’t hate Nicki and that she should concentrate on her new album.

At this point, Nicki hadn’t responded. But when she finally got back online, she wasted no time in clapping back herself.

Nicki even said there were witnesses to her claim that Safaree came to her house begging to go with her to the EMAs.

She then appeared to defend herself against the accusation that she attacked Safaree by retweeting comments from her fans.

So you would think that when Nicki posted this tweet, the drama would be over, right?

Oh no. Someone hold me, Nicki was about to go for the wig, quite literally.

But not content with dragging Safaree for his new hairline, Nicki dragged poor Tyga, who was probably minding his own business somewhere when the stray shot hit him right in the chest.This is exactly how I, and probably Tyga, feel right now.

Of course, Safaree bit back, again calling Nicki out for cheating while refuting the claim he begged to go with her to Europe.

AND THEN he went on to say the whole hairline thing was false…because he and Tyga (the true victim of this story) didn’t get it done by the same doctor, they just had it done on the same day.

Now things are about to get real, real messy. We’re about to talk nudes, ladies and gents. Oh yes, Safaree tweeted saying that someone had been trying to leak pictures of him for years.

Nicki responded but later deleted her tweet. Thankfully screenshots exist, and Nicki wasn’t holding back, insisting that Safaree begged her and Meek to get the pictures back while also apparently asking if she could pay his electricity bill. If Nicki tweets a screenshot of said email, I will literally disintegrate into dust.

Anyway, that kinda concludes the drama for now. Nicki tweeted saying that she would only be focusing on positive energy moving forward, while Safaree was happily referring people to his hair doctor for a profit.

And what about Tyga? Has somebody checked on him? Well, his wig seems to be firmly in place despite the secondhand dragging, simply tweeting a referral to his own hairline doctor.



The ?. Tellem Tyga sent u??

After reading all of that drama, I think I might need to pay Tyga’s doctor a visit too.


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