UK Warning Over ‘monkey dust’ Drug That Makes Users Violent And Paranoid

The drug, which is banned in Britain and designated a Class A, has even been linked to several horrific ‘face-eating’ attacks

UK Police have issued a warning about a new drug dubbed ‘monkey dust’ that can cause people to smell like cat urine.

The synthetic drug, also known as MDPV, normally comes in a yellow-white powder that is snorted like cocaine.

Users can experience extreme paranoia and become violent and agitated.

In some cases, it has led to people climbing or jumping from buildings or running into traffic.

The drug, which is banned in Britain and designated a Class A, has even been linked to several horrific ‘face-eating’ attacks in the US.

Police and ambulance services in Staffordshire have seen a surge in cases, with more than 950 incidents reported in just three months, according to the Stoke Sentinel.

The synthetic drug, also known as MDPV, is snorted like cocaine

Chief Superintendent Jeff Moore has called for a concerted partnership response to tackle the impact of the drug.

He told the Sentinel: “The drug is highly addictive and highly unpredictable, meaning emergency services can often struggle to provide the appropriate treatment to those under the influence.”

While the ‘epidemic’ appears to be centred in Staffordshire for now, there are fears it could spread to the streets of Manchester.

Two dealers were caught while driving around our city and jailed for possession with intent to supply in 2016.

Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court heard how Andrew White and Couri Wilson were caught with small bags of drugs, £410 cash and a set of digital scales.

Michael Linnell, the coordinator of UK and Ireland DrugWatch, said he is not aware of a market for ‘Monkey Dust’ in Greater Manchester at the moment.

But he added: “If it were to appear in Greater Manchester, we have a multi-agency drug early warning system and among other things, we would test samples and make a risk assessment based on what we found.

“MDPV (Methylenedioxypyrovalerone) is a cathinone and structurally similar to mephedrone (m-cat).

“It was sold in a number of ‘legal high’ branded packets often as NRG-1 and ‘Ivory Wave’. Its effects are similar to mephedrone and other stimulant drugs.

“It was brought under the Misuse of Drugs act in 2010 as part of the generic cathinone legislation.”

Mr Linnell said that like mephedrone, ‘monkey dust’ is known to make sweat smell and the odour is most commonly compared to cat urine.


He told the M.E.N: “I don’t think ‘Monkey Dust’ would have any impact among existing users of MDMA (ecstasy) or cocaine in the North West as those drugs are currently of very high purity and readily available.

“From my understanding ‘Monkey Dust’ is a cheap drug, sold to people with little money and from my understanding of the situation in Staffordshire, it is sold to a similar population as are using ’Spice’ in Manchester.

“There is always a market for cheap drugs among people with little money if they are available and like ‘Spice’ are often used by people to pass the time and cope with a host of problems that have led to them being in prison or sleeping on the street in the first place.”


What is Monkey Dust, is the synthetic drug illegal in the UK and what are the effects of MDPV?

MDPV or Methylenedioxypyrovalerone was first developed in the 1960s by a team at German pharmaceutical company but remained relatively obscure until the early 2000s

MONKEY Dust is a terrifying new drug that turns users into face-eating ‘Incredible Hulk’ cannibals.

Here’s what we know about the new synthetic high.

 The ultra-addictive drug sells for £2 a hit

The ultra-addictive drug sells for £2 a hit

What is Monkey Dust?

Monkey dust also goes by the name of MDPV or Methylenedioxypyrovalerone.

It was first developed in the 1960s by a team at German pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim.

The terrifying new drug called ‘Monkey Dust’ that makes users think they are the Incredible Hulk has turned UK city into ‘Living Dead’

MDPV remained relatively obscure in the drug world until around 2004 when it reportedly began to be sold as a designer drug.

Sometimes labeled as “bath salts”, they were readily available at US petrol stations, bookshops and convenience stores before they were outlawed in 2012 by Barack Obama.

The drug usually comes in the form of a yellowish white powder, which can be ingested, injected and snorted.

 It turns users into face-eating zombies
It turns users into face-eating zombies

Is the synthetic drug illegal in the UK?

MDPV is a Class B drug under The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 (Amendment) Order 2010, making it illegal to sell, buy, or possess without a license.

Cops and paramedics in Stoke-on-Trent have warned that usage has become an “epidemic” – with one saying walking through the city was like the “living dead”.

What are the effects?

Monkey Dust – has been linked to a series of gruesome “face-eating” attacks in the US.

The synthetic drug’s potent effects last for three days – with some users left unable to feel pain for up to a week.

Addicts commonly believe they are being chased, and often try to climb building and lampposts to escape beasts from their vivid hallucinations.

Excessive use can lead to users sweat smelling strongly of prawns and vinegar.

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