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New Hackney UK Venues Have To Shut At Midnight

Hackney UK: A new policy meaning new venues in Hackney, East London have to close at midnight was voted for unanimously at a council meeting.

This was despite 73 percent of 680 people, the majority of whom live in Hackney, being against the licensing plans.

During the week, any new venue will have to argue for an 11 pm closing time, which can only be extended if it can prove there will be no anti-social behavior problems.

As well as this there will be a 10 pm curfew for outdoor activities.

The new licensing policy will include Shoreditch High Street and has doubled the size of the Shoreditch Special Policy Area (SPA,) which makes it harder to open new venues in the area.

We Love Hackney, a group against the policy, is urging the council to reconsider.

Hackney Mayor Philip Glanville claims the policy will “not affect existing venues”.

London Night Czar Amy Lamé has said she or the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, have no say in the licensing decisions of local councils.

DJs such as Four Tet and Plastician have expressed their dismay at the decision. See their tweets below.

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