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UK Rapper Lady Leshurr Verbally Abused At Wireless Festival By Security Guard (video)

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UK Rapper Lady Leshurr Verbally Abused At Wireless Festival By Security Guard (video)


The guard has since been sacked by the festival

Lady Leshurr has shared a video of a security guard at Wireless Festival after he refused to let her and her friends through an exit.

The singer and rapper was attempting to get back to her parked car to leave the event but alleges that the guard verbally abused her.

Sharing the video on Instagram, she wrote, “Last Night I Performed At @wirelessfest & Was Told To Leave Through The Car Park Where Our Car Was Parked By Two Female Security. The Green Door Is Where We Was Told To Go, But This Lil Guy Wasn’t Having It Cus He Didn’t Know I Was A Performer.

“And Because We Didn’t Leave He Threatened To Shoot Me & My People & Told Me To Suck My Mom,” she continued. “Look At Him Grabbing For His “Gun” He Kept Saying He Had Called Us Dumb Azz Ni**** Unprofessionally Trained & Hair Shorter Than His Career I Can Only Imagine How Many Other People He’s Did This To & Got Away With It!!!!!” You can see the clip below.

She also called for Wireless to sack the guard, writing, “Hello @WirelessFest your security are DISGUSTING. This man threatened to shoot us he’s over there lookin for his gun and told me to suck my mom your security are meant to be protecting the visitors not attacking. IF YOU DONT SACK THIS GUY SMH.”

Wireless have since confirmed that the guard in question has been fired from his role. “As soon as this unacceptable and disgusting behaviour was brought to our attention- the security guard in question was sacked,” a Wireless spokesperson told Metro.

“We apologise profusely to Lady Leshurr that she and her friends had to be subjected to such a vicious verbal attack.”

Some fans called out Leshurr for sharing the footage, to which she replied: “It’s disgusting that people are tryna Justify his behaviour like he didn’t reach for a gun in his bag. Like what would’ve happened if he really did have one and somebody got shot and killed? Ppl that don’t have a clue about security talking the most aswell.”

She later added, “I did security for 2 years. Which is why I’m angry at the way he treated visitors. Security is worse for females. You can’t justify grabbing for a gun. Rule number 1 never lose ur cool. Don’t speak on things you don’t know. He will get professional trained if anything.”

Meanwhile, Stormzy paid tribute to those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire and took aim at Theresa May during his headline performance at the festival.

The set included a 40-piece symphony orchestra, 100-foot flames, and giant video screens, with by appearances from Krept & Konan and Ghetts.


Read more at https://www.nme.com/news/music/lady-leshurr-wireless-security-guard-2352774#pdm72pfEvzOr8VDe.99



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