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Boy covers face in Sudocrem to make him white saying ‘I don’t want to be brown anymore’

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Boy covers face in Sudocrem to make him white saying ‘I don’t want to be brown anymore’


A mother has revealed that her son covered his face in nappy cream and told her that he didn’t want to be brown anymore.

Alison’s friend took a picture of Leon, four, covered in Sudocrem because she thought it was funny, however, Alison approached him and told his mother that he wanted his face sprayed white.

Leon covered his face in Sudocrem at a friend’s house sparking concern for his mum  She said that she had not spoken to him about having Afro-Caribbean roots but that they went to black cultural events.

UK: Alison told the BBC: ‘I was tucking him in one night and he asked me “mum can you spray my face white?” ‘I asked him “why would you want me to spray your face white?”, and he said, “well I don’t want to be brown anymore.”‘ She explained to him that all the people who were closest to him were brown, telling him: ‘Mummy’s brown, daddy’s brown. Mainly all the people that you love, close people, are all brown.’ Boy covers his face in Sudocrem as he doesn’t ‘want to be brown’

She has now given books to his school featuring black children because she wants all children to see themselves represented. ‘If there’s ever another time when he speaks about wanting to be white I’m not going to blow up or overreact,’ she said.

‘I’m going to sit down at eye level and say “come on, what you thinking, dude?”‘ Rolan Garcia, a child psychotherapist, said: ‘I’d really want you to encourage your child to express themselves, so, even if it shocks you, or it slightly alarms you, embarrasses you, it’s okay to take some moments out and just say to your child “Listen, let’s talk about this for a minute”.’