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Rwanda Ready To Close Discriminatory Enterprises

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Rwanda Ready To Close Discriminatory Enterprises


So we recently had London banning blacks now we have blacks banning Albinos crazy world..

According to information published today in the New Times Rwanda, the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) has issued a strong warning to tourism operators and service sector actors that they risk being closed down. they are discriminatory.

The warning specifically targets entities, including restaurants, nightclubs, tour operators, mistletoes, and hotels.

The closure of a company will be the third strike after an official warning and a fine for companies found guilty of violating the laws on discrimination.

RDB’s statement, which is the main tourism promotion agency, follows allegations of discrimination against an albino in a city’s nightclub.

The nightclub, Cocobean, was put in the spotlight after one of its party-goers, Nodumo Ncomanzi, from Zimbabwe, said she was denied entry because she was albino.

The Rwanda Development Board (RDB), the country’s service sector regulator and other agencies are currently conducting a survey on the promising subject to take action.

According to the anti-discrimination law in Rwanda, anyone who commits the crime of discrimination and sectarian practices is liable to imprisonment for up to 7 years and is liable to a fine of up to 1 million Frw about one thousand two hundred euros.


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