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Racist Staff Working In Mcdonalds In Strood Kent UK

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Racist Staff Working In Mcdonalds In Strood Kent UK


Strood Kent UK: White people practicing racism we are here again at another fast food restaurant this time its the UK Kent to be precise on a post put up on Twitter a negro by the name of KB describes how she and her friend tried to enter into her local Mcdonalds in Strood Kent but was stopped by the security and told she couldn’t enter because the system was down but observed other none negroes entering the establishment and ordering food.

On a video, posted with the story of the incident a negro male can be seen in Mcdonalds  addressing the camera explaining how the staff at Mcdonalds refuse to serve him he then points the camera at a white customer who confirms he is getting served

The post continues with the friends entering the store and approaching the tills to be served only to be turned away by the manager who declined to serve them and refused to provide any explanation as to her actions.

On further recordings, the security guards can be heard explaining the policy and Mcdonalds reasons behind it.



And of course social had a whole lot to say as usual not holding back

Music Culture News has not reached out to Mcdonalds for a response because the truth is we dont give a fuck.


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