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War in Cassava Piece Jamaica Since Mavado Shooting One Man reported Dead

Dancehall entertainer Mavado is counting his lucky stars after he narrowly escaped with his life over the weekend.

According to reports, the ‘Gully Gad’, real name David Brooks, returned to his birth community of Cassava Piece, St Andrew on Saturday.

Shortly after he arrived, Mavado reportedly got into an altercation with an alleged gangster in the area. Things quickly escalated and the ‘Big League’ deejay reportedly punched the gangster.

A gunman associated with the gangster then fired several shots at Mavado who ran to the Constant Spring Police Station.

The entertainer was not armed during the incident. The police are now investigating the matter.

In an update, according to one876 the police reportedly have a man in custody for the shooting.

However, there is a fear that there will be further incidents in Cassava Piece because of growing friction between men aligned to Mavado and men who are aligned to his new rivals.

The war has also escalated as a man known as ‘Gaza Man’ was killed last night in Cassava Piece.

Mavado in his Jacuzzi (right) Cassava piece

So while Mavado sits in his big house relaxing poor people in Jamaica’s Cassava Piece go to War for him. The fact is that when you reach a point in this business you cant go back to your old hood unless you are truly certified or you have your security team to deter any altercation.

Mavado needs to quash this War in his name immediately no questions if he has to spend money then so be it because he is not defending it he ran into the police station so how are the yutes Warring in the streets?

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