10 killed, 73 shot in bloodiest week of the year in Chicago

From April 30 through May 6, 10 people were killed and 73 others were wounded in gun violence across Chicago.

This latest outbreak of violence underscores how gunmen are literally getting away with crimes up to and including murder.

Overwhelmed police detectives have 155 currently active investigations of 2018 homicides, while “solving” or “clearing” 27 cases, barely 17 percent.

The clearance rate has dropped steadily in recent years, leaving thousands of murders in the last decade unsolved and thousands of killers still on the street.

Chicago Police used to solve more than 60 percent of murders, back in the 1990s. New York City cops still do. But the number of CPD detectives has been cut since then.

As Mayor Rahm Emanuel prepares to run for re-election, he’ll swear in 100 new detectives later this month and promises 100 more by the end of the year. They’ll join the 983 now on duty.

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