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Avatar Tells Addies Them A Basic School Selector

Recently King Addies sound system from New York released a statement on social media making allegations of bribery and skullduggery between the contestants and judges on the Boom Sponsored All-Star Clash in Jamaica after being beaten by Hemp Zion from Japan forcing Boom to release a statement in the Jamaica Star refuting Addies allegations.

Music Culture News caught up with Avatar from Black Blunt sound as one of the more charismatic selectors in the competition and a firm crowd favourite Avatar wasn’t holding nothing back in his criticism of Addies stating “You see what Addies do to Boom clash, corporate Jamaica the whole dancehall/soundclash community in Jamaica was stupidness let me tell you why a stupidness when Addies a say money a pay I would like to ask him if him pay a money and the people sell him out”

Avatar went on to say “Addies come a Jamaica and Addies don’t play like the Addies we know, Addies came here like Jamaica people are fool or clown to dancehall or clash Addies need to blame them own self rather than blame boom or blame anybody.”



The Black Blunt selector whose real name is Morton Gecomma Gammon, who went to Irish and Chin World Clash in  2011 went on to question the proficiency of the current selectors on Addies “look how much song Addies have they never had to play a bad word song, Addies is bigger than the man dem who play it them yutes who play Addies a some basic school selector living off of Addies name if they want to help the music they need to go look bank work or go look some other work they just a play the sound cause them say them a selector that needs to fix to get out and make people who belong in this thing here to dweet.”

It seems that Addies in Jamaica is not Addies in New York the Kingston resident continued his on slaught declaring “hear what with winter fresh playing the sound in Jamaica them na play the sound, sound style or sound  wise hear what them a do every bar party, every go go club every little monitor box system so King Addies become a monitor box playing sound in Jamaica mobile car sound it’s not like them have a dear sound system in Jamaica or a base in Jamaica a just some little party party party a play for money pull up”  Avatar continued with this “expect you can listen a sound like King Addies on 2 monitor box?”

Avatar is confident that he will dispatch the Japanese Hemp Zion in this Thursday’s semi-finals and go forward to meet Ricky Trooper in the finals. he concluded by saying “Silverhawk King Addies are 2 sounds that loss face in this clash so I just a warn all the sound who are coming to Jamaica for Boom Clash it is not just one joke Jamaican ting it doesn’t matter your name or who you kill Jamaica sounds get wicked again.”


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