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Star Bright Name Mop To Clean The Floor “Reggae Mop”

These people have forced me to journalism really Star brite®  the marine industry’s leading manufacturer of waxes, polishes, cleaners, teak finishes, motor oils, fuel additives and more. Recently released their new mop and decided they would call it the Reggae Mop.

What were the white people who came up with this idea thinking look how much decades white people have been manufacturing and selling mops and never yet have any of them acquainted a mop to black culture and the reason for that is it is insulting and racist?

I do not believe that I would be wrong in saying these people named this mop “Reggae” due to the fact that undeniably a mop head does have similarity to certain styles of the dreadlock hairstyle originated  by the followers of the  Rastafarian religion who originate from Jamaica the home of reggae music, however, I take great offence at my culture born out of 100s of years of rape and paedophilia being used on an item that is used to clean up piss and shit.

As well as the reggae mop Star Bright also have the Reggae Sponge we are waiting for Star Bright for a statement as it relates to these products and the offence caused.

We spoke to Jamaica Rastafarian reggae artist CP inc singer of the song “Wash mi locks”

“you know say throughout the world you av culture teef them know rasta run reggae so they know any product rasta and reggae connect to it will sell Rasta nuh go mop rasta go broom its a form a disrespect to the culture dread alone a buy that Jamaica government need to do more to regulate the use of reggae look how Bob Marley a the number 1 poster boy inna the world”

Written by The Editor

warrior dedicated to the cause of fighting the takeover of our culture.


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