White South African Who Posted “disrespectful” Image of Winnie Mandela Threatened with Death

Its time these Europeans leave Africa

When a white South African posted a “disrespectful” meme of Winnie Mandela in a group chat on WhatsApp, supporters of Mandela were infuriated and vowed to do something about it. 4chan posted the story, along with images depicting the beginning of the incident.

“A man who posted a Winnie Mandela meme in a WhatsApp group had his home surrounded by ANC Youth League members wearing ANC shirts with Winnie’s likeness on them, carrying tires in an explicit threat of necklacing him. He refused to come out. The police arrived, called for the man to come out of his home, where he made a public apology saying he was drunk and didn’t mean any harm. So now we have roving gangs threatening to necklace people for offending the ruling party or “struggle” leaders, and the police take their side. This is what Anarcho-Tyranny looks like.”

Most traces of the original meme have vanished, but here is the one thing we could find on the meme that was supposedly horrible enough to murder someone over:


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