First Time In South Africa History A White Woman Locked Up For Racist Slurs

Vicki Momberg, a South African white woman, was sentenced on March 28, 2018, to three years in prison, two of which are locked. For the record, after the break-in of her car in 2016, in the parking lot of a shopping mall, she had refused a black policeman to make the findings, requiring a white or Indian agent to intervene in his place. She had supported her demands for insults, including “kaffir,” a contemptuous term for blacks. The scene was fully filmed by a witness.

“If I see a kaffir, I roll him over […]  I have a gun. I will shoot everyone. “

Authorities in South Africa have defined the word as hate speech and have taken steps to criminalize its use. Momberg is now the first person to be convicted for his use.

This conviction, two years after the fact, comes in a very tense interracial context.

Some South African black circles want to proceed as in Zimbabwe by Robert Mugabe: expropriate white farmers without compensation, and redistribute land to blacks. Problem: Due to the incompetence of these neophyte farmers, farms have collapsed and plunged the country into a crisis that it still can not get out.

This is the first time in the country’s history that a court has sentenced a white woman to prison for racist slurs.


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