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Jay Z & Beyonce in Jamaica looking shook

Major fail Jay Z & Beyonce looking scared in Jungle with a full entourage of America security. The facts are for all that dont know Jay Z and Beyonce could of walked ANYWHERE in Jamaica and nobody would of violated. Jamaica loves Jay Z and Beyonce.

Beyoncé and JAY-Z are up to something in Kingston Jamaica. The couple were seen in Kingston 12 on Tuesday filming alongside director Melina Matsoukas.

The duo were pictured riding a motorbike similar to that from the OTRII tour poster inspired by 1973 Senegalese movie Touki Bouki.

The billionaire super couple also caused excitement when they passed through the community of for a video shoot.

Residents flocked the street sides behind the erected barriers amid a heavy security presence hoping to get a glimpse of ‘Bey’ and ‘Jay’.

The latter, however, proved to be a very difficult task as Beyonce spent most of her time on the spot shooting inside a local barbershop.

The duo were also pictured riding a motorbike similar to that from the OTRII tour poster inspired by 1973 Senegalese movie Touki Bouki.

The STAR spoke to the owner of the establishment, Gilmore Rhynie, aka Barber Dickie, of D & R Barber Shop. He could not contain his excitement as he spoke to our news team.

He said that although this was not the first time his shop was being used for a video shoot, this particular one has caused the most fanfare by far.

“Di Marley dem shoot videos here and Lanz She Nah Leggo shoot here so too. Bounty Killer, Mad Cobra, Jah Cure and nuff more use here so. Is a hotspot for the video shoots," he said. “But this one was excitement all round. As you can see, look how much people outside. She (BeyoncÈ) was doing a little clipping for a video. Me nuh really know the music and it was just a little small thing, but me feel great say she chose here so."

Dickie said he was well aware of Beyonce’s arrival as her team had visited the area some four days ahead of the couple to scope out the area for locations for the shoot.

He disclosed that during the discussions with the team, he was paid a sum of money for ‘Queen Bey’ to use his space, but could not disclose the amount or any details surrounding the signed paperwork.


“Dem ask me and we come to an arrangement, sign up a couple papers and dem thing. She (Beyonce) was really nice, we take a few pictures wid her and thing and everything was good," Dickie said.

The STAR understands that the footage from the shoot is not for any music video in particular but will be used during her On The Run Tour Part Two.

When Beyonce wrapped up shooting inside the barber shop, she emerged covered from the head down. She was whisked away quickly to a waiting car much to the disappointment of the sizeable crowd who had gathered in the hopes of getting a glimpse of her.

Some persons could be heard voicing their disappointment.

“Me not even get fi see her. Dem cover her up under di cloth like she a duppy," one onlooker said.

“Dem a gwaan like she name Marley. She nuh need all a dat cuz Jamaicans nah do her nothing, we just wah see her das all," another was heard saying.

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