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Dumb Australian White Rapper Talks Stealing Kendrick Lamar’s Lyrics

In 2015, a two-year-old video of Iggy Azalea freestyling her track “D.R.U.G.S.” hit the Internet.The song remixes Kendrick Lamar’s track “Look Out For Detox,” and in the version she performed she was basically copying him word for word, sparking accusations of plagiarism.

 But perhaps the bigger issues about the freestyle are that she’s pretty incoherent, she uses a ridiculous “Blaccent” and there’s that questionable line about the “runaway slave master.”

She got a ton of backlash from the unearthed performance in ’15, and one could argue it started a crescendo of hate that has now spiraled to the point that her label stopped releasing her new songs.

Well, the fateful freestyle hit the net again earlier this week. Iggy commented on it yesterday in a now-deleted Tweet:

At least we now know where Melania Trump got the idea to steal Michelle Obama’s speech in her husbands signing in ceremony  2017.

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