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White Owned Vibes Reggae Arena Claiming Copyright on Sound Clash Audio Forcing Black People Off Youtube And SoundCloud

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White Owned Vibes Reggae Arena Claiming Copyright on Sound Clash Audio Forcing Black People Off Youtube And SoundCloud


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse the future of sound clash of our culture is not looking good the high price of dubs low attendance leading to low revenue unfair or bias judging of a clash like we recently seen in the UK with Tek 9 or more recently in Canada by Chin at the Canada Rumble all these factors.

The threat of others from outside our culture is a realistic one whether that be Sound cloud Youtube or Justin Bieber but now we have a new threat that has manifested itself from within.

Original Cassette King Jack Sowah

For almost half a century we as lovers of sound system culture have been sharing soundclash audio from cassette to cd to mp3 to youtube. 98% of soundclash media shared over the decades has not been from the content owner and at no point in time has the issue of copyright come up until now.

VRA Vibes Reggae Arena an internet streaming company owned by an alleged racist white woman from the UK Maria Carr in February of this year streamed Andrew Digital’s sound clash in Connecticut with Soul Supreme from New York and Warrior sound from German. Digital employed the services of Carrs VRA.


soundcloud hecklers inc

Soundcloud notification

Carr the owner of VRA has filed several copyright claims with SoundCloud and Youtube resulting in the Hecklers inc page on soundcloud.com being taken down and soundclashcloud.com Youtube channel has been awarded a strike. So what is Carr’s problem ?

Youtube soundclashcloud.com

Youtube notification

Hecklers inc SoundCloud page also targeted for copyright issues which isa blow t the culture on a whole as they had 1000s of sound clash audios available. Hecklers did not make any money off of Soundcloud they did it simply for the love of the culture Hecklers paid SoundCloud to host audios. Soundclashcloud youtube channel has not monetized the video of Soul Supreme and Warrior the video was not available on Youtube so soundclashcloud.com uploaded it from Facebook to Youtube for the fans to enjoy it is not everyone that has Facebook.

Mikey Glamour soundcloud

Mikey Glamour

Mikey Glamour for years provided the culture with an invaluable service via soundcloud.com he was also removed from soundcloud.com because of copyright claims after falling out with Carr over an audio dispute after initially partnering with her after a brief relationship.

Real Scarface Playmaker sound

Real Scarface Playmaker sound

Carr’s former employer Real Scarface owner of Playmaker sound claims that he removed Carr from his sound because of “issues of underlining racism that stem from her upbringing and the rejection from her African baby father, this woman would not do anything for black people if she wasn’t benefiting more”


VRA status when illegal streaming Lady Anya New Jersey Cup Clash

The irony is VRA employee Karen Gilzen was hiding in Lady Anya’s New Jersey Cup clash live streaming to Facebook and even put on VRA facebook status “ok criminal deh ya”. VRA has nothing but contempt for our culture VRA stealing streams while in the dance where they are streaming if you take out your phone to check the time security are threatening you with violence.

Soundclashcloud.com said “Carr or her lawyers or partners could have contacted the people involved and requested that the content is taken down but instead, Carr chose to inform the service providers” soundclashcloud.com said  “When you have people like VRA who are not from our culture and just want to profit from our culture they have no empathy. This is why we built soundclashcloud.com because of the take over of our culture from those that don’t belong; we are independent so they cant report us to nobody like they did to hecklers and Mikey Glamour. VRA isn’t happy with the exploitation making money off our culture now they want everything”

racist vibes reggae arena

Racist Maria Carr Vibes Reggae Arena owner

White owned VRA wants you as a black to go to them and them alone to listen to your cultural heritage.

Who is Maria Carr?

Most people don’t know that Maria Carr VRA owner is an ex-porn actress and failed Dj also known as Lady Lyrical who in 2011 prank called Ricky Trooper in 2014 was exposed as a devil worshiper when a video came out exposing her practicing witchcraft and in 2015 she was widely criticized for setting up Canadian national Steve Levy to nearly lo0se his life in Jamaica. In 2017 Carr was investigated by the UK police for racist hate crimes after a video she posted on Facebook where she targeted the daughter of her ex-employee calling her a “Batty Bitch”  resulting in Carr getting an official police warning.

Vibes reggae Arena racist row

poster for soundclash Soul Supreme Warrior

How does a white woman lay claim to our culture we tried to get hold of Andrew Digital and VRA but they both declined to be interviewed.




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