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Snoop Dogg Pisses Off Black Fans After Posting ‘Disrespectful’ Photo About Black Women

Snoop Dogg has always been a favorite among fans of all ages. With more than 25 years in the rap game, the California rapper’s smooth swagger continues to captivate fans all over the world. But, his latest Instagram post has quite a few fans lookin’ at him sideways. If you follow Snoop on social media, you probably know he has a tendency to post memes and videos to share his opinion on certain topics- sometimes they’re comical, sometimes not. However, his recent post about African American women has sparked outrage among many.

A Bad Stereotype:

A couple days ago, Snoop shared a meme depicting how food stamps would look if they were advertised during commercials. The meme was a photo of what appeared to be a pregnant black woman eating junk food. Check out the post below:

Snoop left lots of Instagram users scratching their heads and it didn’t take long for fans to start sharing their reactions to the post. You can probably guess how the many of his Instagram followers responded. Lots of people also fired back at Snoop with a few facts about food stamps and government assistance noting that there are actually more white people on welfare and government assistance than black people.

Outrage On Instagram:

Now, that the post has gone viral, Snoop is being dragged to hell all over social media. Black women are pissed and many have wasted no time responding to the meme with colorful comments. “To use your fame as a platform to continue negative stereotypes about black Women is disgusting. But I’m not surprised your frog looking ass has never been a positive figure for our community,” one woman said. “Where’s the white lady!wheres the Hispanic lady ! Where the Asian lady! Where the Chinese lady!! Where are the men they all get food stamps People get food stamps in all colors and although I did get them once upon a time years ago I didn’t look like that !! just saying!!” another person said. However, black women weren’t the only angry fans commenting. Quite a few guys have even gone so far as to call Snoop a coon.

Snoop & Morris Day

Despite the outrage over Snoop’s post, he appears to be unbothered, going about business as usual. For those who don’t know, the “Gin & Juice” rapper recently collaborated with Morris Day and they released a new song a couple days ago. On Friday, November 24, Morris Day tweeted the YouTube link to the audio for the song. Listen to it below:



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