What Genre is 2016 Jamaican Music….

Let’s play a game if I said what music came before Ska you would say Mento, if I said to you what genre of music did the late great Prince Buster perform you would say Ska and if I said what music was the late great Alton Ellis famous for you might say Ska but most will say Rock Steady. The artist Franky Paul in the late 80s had many nicknames one of them was Jamaica Stevie Wonder do you know another one, Franky “dancehall” Paul, what music does Franky Paul sing Reggae ?  How about Buju Banton the incarcerated sing jay what kinder music does he make reggae or dancehall reggae ? Ok how about the most influential Dj of the 21st century what genre does he perform dancehall reggae or dancehall ?

Mento, Ska, Rocksteady and reggae but when we reached to reggae we seemed to have stoped defining our genres and become lazy from the 80s we have had one drop reggae, dancehall reggae, reggae, dub/steppas, roots rock reggae, digital reggae and lovers rock.

So what genre is this latest version of reggae or dancehall ? We know what daggering music is however this modern day music is not daggering and it clearly shares elements with modern r n b and hip hop but it’s not RnB or hip hop even the Yankees have tried to emulate it and rename it “tropical house” but it’s not house and Jamaica is not the tropics.


What do you think?

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