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11-Year-Old Girl Becomes “Youngest Female Rapper” To Land Major Record Deal

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From Kriss Kross to Lil Bow Wow, young rappers are nothing new in hip-hop, but on Tuesday (Aug. 1), 11-year-old Alaya High, also known as Lay Lay, reportedly became the youngest female rapper to sign a record deal with Empire.

The Houston native, who now reps Atlanta, announced the news on her Instagram page, revealing she inked a deal with Empire. “It’s official!!! I am the YOUNGEST FEMALE RAP ARTIST to sign a record deal???,” the pre-teen rhymer wrote in the caption.

The 11-year-old rapper also revealed she will be dropping her first single, “Go Lay Lay Go,” which is off of her upcoming album. “I would like to thank my fans @empire @queenalphashawn @buttamurphy @djcone and my DAD @aciehigh_aciehigh44 for making this possible. Look out for my first single “Go Lay Lay Go” ALBUM ON THE WAY!!! ????,” she added.

High has been sharing pictures and videos on her Instagram account since 2017 but the young rapper got a taste of fame in May when a clip of her freestyling over BlocBoy JB’s “Shoot” went viral on Twitter. The tweet was retweeted over 100,000 times and earned Lay Lay a buzz on Twitter.

Lay Lay also hinted at her signing with Empire last month, when she released a freestyle over Drake’s “I’m Upset” and gave a shout out to the late XXXTentacion, who had a deal with Empire as well.

“Can’t leave the kids alone/Rest in peace XXXTentacion/Glad I get to try and make a difference for XXXTentacion/Now your girl on the same label as XXXTentacion,” she rapped in a video posted on July 13.

Check out High’s Instagram posts below.

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